About us:

Very Effective Ethernet Knowledge Of Multi-Programming is as the whole phrase says, a company that takes a good care of thier projects/customers and create top of the line products as well as services such as but not limited to Website Design, Bussines Cards Design, Programming and Consulting.


We put a very big pressure on a Quality, meeting the standards with Six Sigma results (6σ). This allows us to provide the best services and products on the market. Our turnaround depends on the complexity of the project, but mostly can be somewhere between less than 1 business week up to a month (with some exceptions).


VEEKOM is a group of three where our expertise in Programming, IT / Networking and Web / Graphic Designing is 10 years for each profesion. That's why it's a good reason to trust our abilities in creating high end Products.


With our websites you'll not have any problems or safe concerns. All websites are being carefully tested, so that they're safe and their performance and appraisal meet all known standards. Each website will be provided with a Certificate of integrity with current browsers, which means you'll have a peace of mind that your website will work on any major supported browser (Chrome®, IE8® or IE9®, Firefox®).

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